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Sunday, May 26, 2019
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Have You Worshipped Lately?

 Are you familiar with "worship wars" occurring in the church?  These wars are not about worship so much as worship style. Just as people differ in their preferences for ice cream, so they differ in their preferences as regards worship style.But for the moment, let’s put style aside – and think together about worship.  Worship is not something we do for an hour or so on Sunday. It is an attitude that affects our way of life.  Worship is the attitude that "God is here and I will honor His presence." If that is your attitude, then you understand how worship leads you into an awareness of God’s presence and how this changes us. Worship will transform our thinking and our responses to everything.  Would you like to experience change in your life? If so, begin to cultivate an attitude of worship. How is that done? Good question. I have a few suggestions.  Set aside a little time each day for private worship. This does not have to be long – how about ten minutes? You really don’t have ten minutes? Well, go for five minutes then. I can not imagine that anyone does not have five minutes in the day for life transforming worship. By worship now, I do not necessarily mean reading – what I do mean is that you deliberately reflect upon an attribute of God. Just praise God for His faithfulness. Next day, thank Him for His provision. Day three you may want to thank Him for the salvation He proffers. Keep this up for five minutes a day for a month- ten minutes is better- and I can guarantee it will begin to transform you.

On Sunday make a decision that you will arrive at church with an "attitude of gratitude." This will prepare your spirit for praise. Who knows? You may even begin to appreciate some of the praises done in a style that is not your favorite. When this happens, you know transformation is occurring! One of the more interesting instructions given in the Old Testament is in 1 Chronicles 16:28, "Ascribe greatness to our God." Ascribe means "to give or believe a characteristic". Do you believe God possesses greatness? If so, tell Him -– for in telling Him you are reminding yourself of the awesome power at work in and around you.  Attempt to incorporate worship as part of your lifestyle. After all, worship is not only a noun – it is a verb, too. The essence of worship is not the musical portion of a public service. It is the spirit of a person connecting with the Spirit of God. Worship becomes a lifestyle when our hearts and God’s Spirit are in harmony. This is the purpose for which you were created, and is life’s greatest experience.

Begin worship today!


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